The Manifold Build, part 1.

21/06/10 0 COMMENTS

To be able to fit the turbo and the manifold I decided to keep the alternator position from the former engine, i.e. the right hand side. This creates the possibility to have both a good shape of the manifold runners and downpipe, something which is difficult to achieve with the turbo in it’s original position. The turbo is moved down/forward and the turbine housing is clocked down to get the entry pointing up, the compressor housing is rotated to get a long, flowing bend into the intercooler.
I have used the stock manifold and some plates to create a stable jig, there isn’t a whole lot of room in between the compressor housing and the engine or the wastegate actuator and the body so it’s really important that the positions are stable when the manifold jig is fabricated.

It’s a pretty large turbo, the compressor housing is quite a lot bigger compared to the stock unit. Nice.

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