onemanracing is Mats Strandberg

Engineer by day, Racing hero by night… Well that would have been nice but that’s not really the case here.

Like many guys I had a genuine interest in technology as a kid, I’m told I was able to say which cars we passed while in the pram, before I could talk. It was no suprise to anyone that I was going to be working with cars in one form or another. Growing up on Hammarö outside Karlstad I wasn’t really in contact with any kind of motorsports, probably due to the fact that my parents are really not that into motorsports at all.

It took me quite a while to buy my own car actually, I moved to Gothenburg after the military service to study at Chalmers Institute of Technology and got around pretty well without a car, not that I had any money to buy one. When it was finally time to get one I didn’t really know what to get, I was really into sailing at the time so I wasn’t really thinking about cars at all. One day a workmate slapped a magazine on my desk “This is what you should buy, an Alfa 75.” Suddenly it all came back to me, my buddys old Alfa 75 2.0 I had driven a couple of times a while back. Of course I should get an Alfa 75! At the same time my workmate happened to mention that there was a club called Club Alfa Romeo Svezia that arranged trackdays, you could actually drive your own car at a racetrack?!? It was too good to miss and I quickly found a 75 TwinSpark. The first day at the track was nothing less then magic, Kinnekulle Ring outside Götene. I was hooked…

About 10 years later I’ve done several seasons in our club series Club Alfa Romeo Challenge (CAR Challenge) and I’ve even managed to win some races. The car is now undergoing massive changes and I’m working as a madman to get it done. Nothing is left untouched.

/Mats Strandberg