Ross PistonNaturally the car should have a new engine!

In progress
Status right now (April 2nd):
New liners arrived.

I have been itching to build an engine for a while now and after a disastrous second half of season -07 the decision to start building was made. I had a ported out Nord head laying around, and since there are loads of stuff to buy for the Nord compared to the TwinSpark, the decision was easy.  Also, when you know the gearbox to be the weak link there is no use building a high-torque engine. The nord will produce everything the gearbox can handle and then some.

The camshaftsAlready at the start of the project I decided I wanted an engine that could handle high revs. Looking at the logs from previous runs and the fact that the gearbox doesn’t like a lot of torque made it clear that I needed to rev it if I wanted any real power, on top of that everybody who likes to drive a car knows that it’s fun to rev it!

Never forget that.

Choosing the components

Having tried the concept of using a turbocharger from a modern turbo car on my former Alfa 75 turbo, and even though it was better then the standard unit, it was quite boring to have the torque centered around 3000rpm and to have it drop off rapidly going towards the redline. I need a proper compressor that doesn’t run out of breath at 5000rpm and a turbine that doesn’t build up back-pressure/heat. Remember, the goal is an engine that lives at high revs, not a caravan lugger. A new manifold was a given, the same goes for the intake/plenum and a front mounted intercooler. Since there will be revs new rods were added to the list, and naturally a set of forged pistons due to the fact that the 2 liter engine is only available with at least 9.0:1 compression ratio.  I’m not about to build an angry engine and leave the stock cams in the head so those were added to the list together with a set of valve springs. Valves and guides were already in the newly rebuilt head. Did I mention that there will be revs by the way?

Davies Craig pump

I guess it will be easier to mention the parts left untouched:

  • The Block (casting)
  • The Crank (balanced only)
  • The Oilpump

To have good cooling when the engine is at the redline and at idle respectively I’m going to an electric water pump, it also has the feature of being able to run with the engine off. I won’t need to run the engine in the pits to cool down, just hook up a support battery or a charger.