Why upgrade?

In progress
Status right now (April 2nd):
Designing Brackets.

Now that the engine is getting a much needed power increase the need to update the brakes have been apparent. While I was able to use standard components before, from the GTV6, I don’t think they will be sufficient with the more powerful turbo engine and 235mm tires. Brembo calipers were bought, these particular ones are mounted radially, something which isn’t too common on OEM parts. Brake discs with the right dimensions were located using the fantastic catalog on the Brembo site, it has drawings and everything. The only thing needed is a centering device for the disc to the hub and brackets for the calipers. The centering device was given some additional features like an anti-rotating device for the wheel lugs and a flange which holds the lugs in a firm grip. Works like a charm. The brackets are pretty simple to do, really, due to the radial mounting of the caliper. Can even be symmetrical for simplicitys sake.

The new discs are 315mm in diameter and 28mm thick, a huge upgrade compared to the stock GTV6 units which are 269mm diameter and 22mm thick. Even though the dimensions are increased that much the weight is only 800g up per disc , this is partly due to the alloy centre. Not bad at all.